Portable Davits
We offer lightweight davits primarily designed for submerged pump recovery from wet wells or holding tanks. These davits can also be utilized for pallet stacking, machine loading and other maintenance operations. The davits are available in either galvanized steel or aluminum(up to 500 kg) or stainless steel construction. The davits are demountable and portable with in-ground, surface mounted or wall mounted sockets.

Portable lifting davits can be easily dismantled for storage or transportation to other locations, as the individual components can be handled and moved manually.
  • Available in galvanized steel, aluminum (up to 500 kg) or stainless steel
  • Rapid arm assembly 2 piece design
  • Internal bearing system 360 ° rotating at fingertip control
  • Suitable for clean environments
  • Manual handling without mechanical aids
  • Sockets can be extended type to gain extra lifting height
  • Standard reach is up to 1.2 m, extended reach can also be provided (but weight of the components will increase)
  • Portable socket base can also be supplied (avoiding the need for more than one socket)
  • Can be fitted with manual winch or chain hoist
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