Monorails Cranes
Monorails are best suited for lifting and transporting items along a fixed path. Perfect for activities like moving raw materials or pumps, a monorail system is typically mounted to an existing overhead structure to preserve floor space. These systems can be especially useful where ceiling height is restricted, providing access to hard-to-reach areas.

AMETECS manufactures electric and manual monorail systems. Our monorails are designed to fit any building, using customized clamping systems. Further, free-standing monorails (supported by steel columns) can also be designed and supplied according to requirement.
Ease of operation
  • Monorails with manual hoists are provided with stainless steel SS 316 hand pull chain
  • Monorail systems with two or more beams can be developed to provide greater flexibility. The various beams can be linked to one another with suitable connecting members

Ease of installation
  • To make it easier and safer during installation, the beams are fabricated in manageable lengths
  • Custom made mounting clamps can be provided for beam sections (depends on installation technique)

  • Monorails with electric and manual hoists are fitted with mechanical end stops with rubber bumpers
  • In case of electric hoists, limit switches are provided for all motions
  • Overload protection as standard with electric hoists and optional with manual hoists
Interconnected monorails
  • Two or more monorails can be interconnected with the use of curved connections, if needed
  • Systems for optimum flexibility in conveyor, or in combination with bridge crane monorail system