Metering skids
AMETECS also specializes in the integration of high quality liquid and gas metering skids and prover systems. All piping, mounting and other associated work is done in-house depending on the meter and other associated sensors which are provided by the client. These systems have been developed for off-shore platform pipelines, refineries, barges and tanker loading/unloading facilities. We also fabricate the trailers required for transporting the metering systems; complete with roller/shutter doors and other essentials for highway transport. Control panel design, wiring and layout are performed by our skilled team of technicians, thus making us a one-stop solution for your metering system.

Our metering systems can be equipped with associated equipment (supplied by client) for control, analysis, filtration, pressure and flow regulation; designed to meet national and international standards.

We function independently and are not tied to any specific metering equipment vendors. This enables us to supply the most competitive and objective solution to meet client requirements.
  • Skids can be fixed (permanent) type or mobile type (mounted on trailer)
  • Design and fabrication of trailer is performed in-house
  • Trailer is fabricated in line with local regulations for highway transport
  • Explosion proof panel boxes and glands as standard
  • Customized trailers for various storage options