Instrument Measurement
AMETECS specializes in supplying various types of instrumentation and measurement products different sectors. Our team thoroughly understands the various client requirements and designs suitable products to depending on service conditions. Extensive expertise in the precision machining of exotic alloys position us firmly at the forefront of these technologies.

Our experienced operators produce quality parts that meet industry standards and customer requirements. Together with our innovative products and knowledge of end-user demands, our team can provide exact components for any measurement need.
Flow meters measure, meter or batch the volume or mass of water and liquids. AMETECS specializes in the design, engineering
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Thermowells are recommended to protect bimetal thermometers from
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AMETECS also specializes in the design and fabrication of high quality liquid and gas hydrocarbon metering skids and prover systems.
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We also manufacture cages for guided wave radar transmitters.
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