Gantry Cranes
Dependable and versatile, gantry cranes from AMETECS offer cost effective lifting solutions that can withstand the heaviest of loads. Easily assembled and disassembled, these cranes can be used indoors or outdoors. Gantries are successfully utilized across multiple industries and can also be used in stockyards, scrap yards and railway yards. The gantry cranes can also be moved to a new location with less trouble compared to a free-standing overhead crane. Also, it is easy to extend the length of the runway and working area of gantry cranes. The cranes can also be designed for completely automatic operation, by interfacing with a PLC..
These cranes are of the A-frame type and can be easily moved to any location within a facility. This type of gantry is a cost-effective solution.
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Powered gantry cranes are typically used for larger, high capacity jobs where operators require less manual features.
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