Flow measurement
Flow meters measure, meter or batch the volume or mass of water and liquids. AMETECS specializes in the design, engineering and production of products for flow measurement. We normally offer two types of flow measurement equipment: Orifice plates and Venturi meters and also provide expertise in:
  • Flow metering standards
  • Piping codes
  • Materials expertise
  • Modern machining techniques
  • Engineering through production projects
All flow measurement devices are designed to ISO 5167, AGA, ASME or other equivalent international standards.
Orifice plates
  • Usually consists of a flat plate with a circular hole drilled in it
  • Two pressure taps needed one upstream and one downstream
  • Orifice plates have a limited pressure recovery and permanent pressure loss depends on area ratio
  • Medium pressure loss, high viscosity effect
  • Plates are bored to exact sizes and bore gauges are used to ensure tolerances are maintained
  • Jigs/fixtures are used to check flatness
  • Surface finish to 15-30 micro-inch is controlled by special finishing machines that are designed to preserve flatness

Venturi Meters
  • Fluid is accelerated through a converging cone
  • Pressure difference between upstream of cone and throat is measured
  • High pressure and energy recovery is possible (better recovery than orifice plate)
  • Low pressure loss, high viscosity effect
Orifice plates (paddle type, Integral RTJ-type, Removable RTJ-type or with flanges and bolts)

Paddle type
  • Standard concentric
  • Counter bored orifice
  • Eccentric orifice
  • Quadrant bored orifice
  • Segmental orifice
  • Restriction type orifice
Venturi meters
  • Classic Venturi meters
  • ISA 1932 nozzle